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Education Reform

  1. School Choice > School Vouchers > Money needs to follow the child, not the school.

  2. Establish and protect independent and local control as well as protect from state and federal intrusion. 

  3. Protect local capital expenditures for well performing public schools. Challenge: Spanish Fort wants to preserve its public schools, and Mobile/Prichard need choice.

  4. Push vocational training to 14- and 15-year-olds and help them get good jobs by high school graduation by increasing partnerships between local community colleges and high schools. 

  5. Set goals for reading and math proficiency by middle school, then set goals for college or vocational tracks.



  1. Improve and expand water and sewer operations. 

  2. Improve roads and bridges before they need it or before they’re critically and overdue.

  • Widen HWY 225 North of SP FT.

  • Continue widening HWY 31 all the way to HWY 59.

  • Improve Prichard streets generally.

  • Equitable and viable I10 bridge plan soon.


Economic Development

  1. Why is Prichard not an opportunity zone?

  2. Establish a Foreign Trade Zone in Prichard.

  3. Make incentives for local businesses in disadvantaged areas.

  4. Recruit more companies with good paying jobs and build on our diverse local economy. Ex: balancing distribution of  petro-chemical, manufacturing, and raw resource industries. 

  5. Continue expanding the port!


Safety and Security

  1. Support law enforcement.

  2. Make all neighborhoods safe!

  3. Reform and expand mental health care! The homeless problem is a mental health and substance abuse problem. We need long term inpatient care.

  4. Protect the environment. Resolve and clean up contamination.



  1. Churches must step up! We need revival in homes and communities!

  2. Men must step up! Strong families make strong communities.

  3. Communities must rally around common values and demand certain societal norms.

  4. There are only two genders. Children can only play sports in their biological gender. We must protect girls sports.


Advocacy and Leadership

  1. District 33 needs an aggressive advocate that will work with local communities and state leaders.

  2. District 33 needs bold leadership that represents all communities and fights for their interests.

  3. It’s not about color; it’s about character.


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